Ingenious Invention Promises Flyers a Safe, Clean Place to Rest Their Heads

The Head Defender not only provides peace of mind for germophobes, but also offers a common sense layer of protection from exposure to sometimes less than pristine aircraft cabins. It’s often best not to ponder the cleanliness of any given seat on a …
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Invention Convention: Easton kids improve their world

Keeping everyone else well when one family member is sick, relieving test stress, using solar energy to warm a heating mat under the driveway, finding items in an overstuffed purse, and an “unforgettable folder” to help kids who forget their homework.
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STEM Academy students show off their inventions – Norwich Bulletin

Norwich Bulletin

STEM Academy students show off their inventions
Norwich Bulletin
Eighth-grader Kyley developed the pedia-bottle, a combination baby bottle and medicine syringe to give babies a familiar shape to deliver the medicine, for the Invention Convention at her school, Charles H. Barrows STEM Academy. Kyley, who lives in …

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Students Test Their Concepts in JPL Invention Challenge

Catapults, conveyor belts and vacuums were among the many innovative devices built by students for the 2016 Invention Challenge, an annual engineering competition hosted at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, California. The event was designed to …
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