HeadBlaze.com is about allowing your imagination to burn free
More than anything else we can do, Invention is the key to our future. We are nothing without innovation and we must embrace new ideas and constantly seek out new ways to do things. We make our own future by inventing it.

Who’s behind Head Blaze?
Just very curious fellow finding his way through life by questioning everything and everyone.

When I was in grade school the teachers would reprimand me for daydreaming and for years I thought that daydreaming was an idle pursuit. I know they meant well and they believed that you needed to knuckle down and do your school work to succeed. But I was not the academic type or to the degree they thought I should be. I discovered many years later that I am dyslexic. But that was an unknown or overlooked condition back in the 60’s and 70’s when I was in school. So I pretty much languished in class and never did well, my grades sucked.

Sad story huh?
Nope, not for me because I never knew I was different I just thought this is how life is. I have come to realize that my penchant for daydreaming was not a hindrance but in reality a talent. In the last couple of years I have begun to practice daydreaming, allowing my mind to wander without any constraints. You might be saying right about now “this guy has some issues with reality” and you would be very wrong. Reality is what we believe it to be and even though I can pretty much day dream on command my feet stay planted on terra firma and I know where the boundaries are.

The results have been that I am learning to use my creative ability to actually make a living at “dreaming” up ideas. I don’t consider myself a genus by any standard but I think I do have an advantage when it comes to creative thinking.

I really believe that imagination is more important than knowledge. Of course knowledge has its place but it is the dreamer that we need now more than ever.