TurboPatent lands $3.25M to help companies protect their inventions using automation

  1. TurboPatent lands $ 3.25M to help companies protect their inventions using automation  GeekWire
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This invention lets brides go to the bathroom while wearing their gown

Your wedding day is meant to be one of the most memorable of your life. But something you may not wish to remember if you’re a bride is cramming into a cubicle with your bridesmaids so they can hold your dress while you pee. Heather Stenlake came up with a …
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This incredible new invention allows users to change the flavor of their drink using their SMARTPHONE.

Dubbed the “world’s first virtual cocktail,” no longer will partygoers need to wait at the bar for a change of drink, thanks to this nifty hack, which fools your senses of smell, sight and taste with digital tech, tricking the mind into believing it’s …
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