The rediscovery of this writer in the Renaissance opened the way to the modern world (and, more importantly, the invention of political science)

The work of the the Roman writer Lucretius was lost to the world for more than a thousand years. When his poem “De Rerum Natura” was rediscovered in the Renaissance, Lucretius’s ideas slowly started to percolate through Renaissance Europe, making it …
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Journeys of Invention: Science and Technology From Past to Present

The home screen shows thumbnails of all 81 objects, connected by lines of various colors. Tapping on an object zooms in on it, and tapping on it again lets you launch its animation (if any) or access related drawings or images. The colored lines connecting …
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School district hosts Science Fair, Invention Convention

Budding scientists and young inventors from across the school district gathered at Illing Middle School on March 21 to show off their creations and experiments. The fourth annual Manchester District-Wide Science Fair with Invention Convention showcased the …
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Popular Science picks best inventions for 2014 – CBS News

Popular Science picks best inventions for 2014
CBS News
Sign in. No statistics available yet. Report. Published on Apr 12, 2014. Dave Mosher, projects editor for Popular Science, joins "CBS This Morning: Saturday" to share some of the year's winning gadgets from the magazine's annual Invention Awards …

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