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'1001' Inventions exhibit comes to Michigan Science Center
WDIV Detroit
The exhibit shows the Golden Age period of civilization that stretched from Spain to China, beginning in the seventh century. It highlights the scientific and cultural achievements of men and women from various backgrounds and faiths. Simon Mused

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Invention and Rediscovery: Crash Course in Science continues breaking barriers on Situational Awareness

Crash Course In Science is truly a legendary Philadelphia band. But until a few years ago they only existed as the stuff of lore, their minimal post-punk electronic music, characterized by the strange tones of toy instruments and homemade synths, almost …
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Spencer, 13, wanted to be a better gymnast. Now his training invention is vying for a top science prize

For his latest invention, 13-year-old Spencer Green has combined his interest in gymnastics and science to earn national attention. The eighth grader at the Pegasus School in Huntington Beach engineered a device that translates movement into an electronic …
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New camp in Worcester explores art, science of invention

WORCESTER – In a region where people have been making things for generations, a new camp makes the case it’s never too early to get the next generation interested in designing, creating and selling inventions. Just as important, said Liz Carlson …
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Thousands Stand Up for Mankind’s Greatest Invention- Science

Thousands of scientists from around the world did something that seemed unimaginable a few years ago. They stood up and made their voices heard in defense of science. Thousands of scientists braved a steady light rain and cool temperatures to gather on the …
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The Invention of Nature: The Adventures of Alexander Von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science

Synopsis: The acclaimed author of The Brother Gardeners and Founding Gardeners reveals the forgotten life of the visionary German naturalist whose ideas continue to influence how we view ourselves and our relationship with the natural world today.
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