Supreme Court Affirms Inventors’ Rights in Kappos v. Hyatt Decision – YAHOO!

to present new evidence and obtain new review of patentability of an invention in a court action brought under 35 U.S.C. sec. 145. Writing for the Court, Associate Justice Clarence Thomas’ opinion concludes, “there are no limitations on a patent …
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Unplugging: Artists turned inventors, collabos & a brand new music fest – TG Daily

We salute the tuneful inventors that keep breaking ground with new audio formats, biodegradable record balloons and brand spanking new music fests with amusements for all. We also salute the innovative new collaborative projects that keep music …
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Australian WiFi inventors win US legal battle (Agence France Presse)

Agence France Presse:
Australian WiFi inventors win US legal battle  —  SYDNEY — Australian government science body CSIRO said Sunday it had won a multi-million-dollar legal settlement in the United States to license its patented technology that underpins the WiFi platform worldwide.

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Disruption, Inventors, and Investors – Forbes

A wealthy banker in Mainz, he was concerned about a series of loans that he had made to an entrepreneur-inventor goldsmith looking to commercialize a new and potentially revolutionary production technology.  This invention promised a way to …
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