The Top 5 Mistakes Inventors make with their Invention

There is a maze of information available online for new inventors, much of it very good and much of it highly questionable. Therefore, it is not surprising that each and every week I receive multiple general inquiries from newbie inventors. Although …
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Young inventors create at Camp Invention

Young inventors create at Camp Invention About 55 students in kindergarten through seventh-grade learned about inventing and got a chance to create their own inventions out of old electronics during Camp Invention at Oakwood Elementary School in Oshkosh.
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Erdenheim Elementary School student inventors pitch ideas during annual Invention Convention

Being an inventor has no age requirement — but it might have a bedtime. Students from two of the nine third-grade classes at Erdenheim Elementary School presented their original inventions for the school’s fourth annual Invention Convention, modeled …
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The Inventions Their Inventors Have Lived To Regret – Motherboard (blog)

The Inventions Their Inventors Have Lived To Regret
Motherboard (blog)
So there's this one line in Jurassic Park that comes to mind a lot. (Bear with me here.) Shit has hit the fan and dinosaurs are eating people, and Jeff Goldblum's character tells the old guy that created the park, “Your scientists were so preoccupied

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Professor on quest for India’s hidden inventors –

“If you have any new ideas or you have any new inventions, I’m here to promote you,” he tells farmers squatting beside a dusty roadside shrine to the Hindu god Shiva. For more than two decades, Gupta has scoured rural India for its hidden …
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10 Inventors Killed By Their Own Inventions – Silicon India

Bangalore: A new invention always comes with a new set of hazards. Usually, the people who became prey to these hazards are none other than the inventors itself. “In the pursuit of greater knowledge, there is risk to life and limb.” Read below the …
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