May 222017


The European Inventor Award recognizes the year's best inventions …
There are rules about what you can patent: Your invention must be new, non-obvious and useful. True, it doesn't always seem to work out that way, judging by …
America's patent system favors low tech, not groundbreaking …

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May 182017

KDLT News (blog)

Harrisburg Students Pitch Eco-Friendly Inventions To “Shark Tank”
KDLT News (blog)
HARRISBURG, S.D. – Sixth graders at South Middle School in Harrisburg entered “the shark tank” this morning after studying ocean currents in science class. Students were challenged to create a solution to the plastics problem in the world's oceans.

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May 142017

1. A high-tech sieve that makes the ocean drinkable

Yes, you can already turn the ocean into drinkable water through existing, industrial-scale desalination plants. But these plants are often costly and can damage the environment: They use large amounts of energy, produce greenhouse gases and can harm marine life.
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May 102017

The Most Impactful Inventions in Each State
MNU Newsroom
They say necessity is the mother of all invention, but which states inspired which inventions? Whether the invention was necessary or not is subjective, each of the items depicted below have had an impact on modern society in some way. Check out the …

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