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INsiders brings inventions to life, with the most up-to-date information and state-of-the-art 3-D illustrations that practically leap off every page, stimulating minds and imaginations in a whole new way.

Bach — Two-Part Inventions (Alfred Masterwork Edition)

  • Contributors: Johann Sebastian Bach / ed. Willard A. Palmer
  • Series: Alfred Masterwork Edition
  • Instrument: Piano
  • Level: Intermediate / Late Intermediate
  • Grade level: (4/5/6)
Your edition of the Bach Inventions is an excellent, practical edition with a splendid foreword. Students should consider it a 'must' and I look forward to introducing it to mine.---Igor Kipnis.

The Famous Ancient Chinese Inventions of Zhang Heng – Ancient Origins

Ancient Origins

The Famous Ancient Chinese Inventions of Zhang Heng
Ancient Origins
He was well-versed in the fields of mechanics and gears, and applied his extensive knowledge in several of his ancient Chinese inventions, such as the world's first water-powered armillary sphere to represent astronomical observations, and the world's

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Mistaking Africa: Curiosities and Inventions of the American Mind

  • Used Book in Good Condition
For many Americans the mention of Africa immediately conjures up images of safaris, ferocious animals, strangely dressed “tribesmen,” and impenetrable jungles. Although the occasional newspaper headline mentions genocide, AIDS, malaria, or civil war in Africa, the collective American consciousness still carries strong mental images of Africa that are reflected in advertising, movies, amusement parks, cartoons, and many other corners of society. Few think to question these perceptions or how t