Inventions, says Ron’s lawyer of rape claims

  1. Inventions, says Ron’s lawyer of rape claims  The Straits Times
  2. ‘Pure inventions’: Ronaldo lawyer hits out at rape claims  Yahoo Sports
  3. Cristiano Ronaldo’s lawyers claim rape allegation documents have been altered  The Sun
  4. Ronaldo lawyer statement – DocumentCloud  DocumentCloud
  5. Full coverage

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Microsoft joins Open Invention Network and open sources its patent portfolio

Microsoft has joined the “largest patent non-aggression community in history”, the Open Invention Network (OIN), effectively open-sourcing almost its entire patent portfolio. The company has shown …
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Coding and Invention Made Fun

While walking through London’s Science Museum, I stumbled into SAM Labs’ Internet of Things (IoT) pop up shop, where I saw a brief demonstration of this drum machine kit. I was quickly sucked in and w…
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Microsoft adds 60,000 patents to the Open Invention Network

Microsoft announced today that it’s joined open-source patent group Open Invention Network in an effort to help shield Linux and other open-source software from patent-related suits. As part of …
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Almanac: The invention of carbon paper

And now a page from our “Sunday Morning” Almanac, October 7, 1806, 212 years ago today … a date for an achievement that was anything but singular. For that was the day carbon paper was patented by the …
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