How This Stay-At-Home Mom Turned Her Invention Into A Family Business

“I believe in living a purposeful life, not a perfect one ,” says Loria Oliver, Co-Founder of Turtle Place Brands, a company she started two years ago with her husband Kent. After giving birth to two children in two consecutive years in 2011 and 2012 …
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Hansley uses Start-Up Aggieland resources to bring invention to first responders

Dayana Hansley ’18 had an eventful freshman year. She struggled in her engineering classes during the first semester. At the same time, the Abilene native and her team took first place in the 2014 Aggies Invent competition, a 48-hour engineering …
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Declaration of “sensitive” inventions with the DGA: clarified procedure – Lexology (registration)

Declaration of "sensitive" inventions with the DGA: clarified procedure
Lexology (registration)
Summary: the obligation to declare patent applications for "sensitive" inventions is not new. The practical arrangements have recently been indicated in a Decree and an Order, and whose practical implications for applicants are summarized below.

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Selah man’s invention provides more protection for high-energy dogs

SELAH, Wash. — Cruiser the Labrador retriever is one hard-charging canine. He loves running fast and crashing into scrub to bring game back for his favorite person, Mark Meyocks. One such crash during a 2015 hunting trip required six staples to close the …
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