Part-Organic Invention Can Be Used in Bendable Mobile Phones

Engineers at ANU have invented a semiconductor with organic and inorganic materials that can convert electricity into light very efficiently, and it is thin and flexible enough to help make devices su…
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Apple Files a Major Rewrite of their Invention Related to Indoor Maps to Focus on All-Things Related to Malls

Back in 2014 Patently Apple posted a patent application report titled “Apple Invents Seamless Outdoor to Indoor Map Transitioning.” All of the patent figures related to indoor parking as a focus of th…
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Eatontown NJ Mom-Invention Saves Lives

This post was contributed by a community member. Being outdoors and enjoying fresh ocean breezes is something that fellow New Jersey residents still do despite the official end to summer.
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Talk about a purrr-fect invention! Designer builds an electric skateboard for his CAT

Your cat leads a hectic life, possibly spending as many as six hours per day awake. So this designer’s electric skateboard might well be the perfect solution for your overexerted cat. Built from simpl…
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Nobel Physics Prize Awarded to Trio for Laser Inventions

  1. Nobel Physics Prize Awarded to Trio for Laser Inventions  Wall Street Journal
  2. Arthur Ashkin, Gérard Mourou and Donna Strickland Win 2018 Nobel Prize In Physics For Laser Inventions  HuffPost
  3. Nobel Prize for Physics 2018: Three scientists win for ‘groundbreaking inventions in field of laser physics’  The Indian Express
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As Facebook loses 50 million users’ data, this $10,000 Australian invention could be a key to global data security

Nearly 50 million Facebooks accounts were hacked on Friday. In 2014, up to 100 million JPMorgan customers had their private data compromised. In 2017, it was three billion Yahoo customers. And in Aust…
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