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OPKIXOne is a tiny, powerful, wearable video camera made for a social-first generation that lets users experience life instead of capturing it through a mobile screen.

Necessity Is Not The Mother Of Invention, This Is

| Posted: Dec 27, 2018 11:16 AM Necessity is not the mother of invention, contrary to what the well known adage says. Everyone suffers under the same necessity for a given circumstance or relevant state of technology, and most people just accept the limitations of the present, adjusting their lives to them. Most people don’t…

Invention promises to minimise train-elephant collisions

Chaminda Jayasinghe with his invention A technician from Kottawa in Galle has invented a signal system to prevent wild elephants from being run over by trains. The new inventor Chaminda Jayasinghe said that he had already received letters patent for six out of 52 new inventions. He was of the opinion that Sri Lanka Railways…