Seeing Eye People

I remember reading science fiction as a child and marveling at the magic of the technology of the future. My visit to the New York Worlds Fair in 1964 and a ride through Futurama II reinforced my belief in the future of technology. I always liked the idea of how advances in technology would make the things we do not only easier but also connect us all in a way we had not seen before. The Internet is one of those science fiction/Futurama promises come to life and the almost daily advances in science makes me happy to be alive right now.

I like how as technology advances new opportunities for new ways to do common and not so common tasks reveal themselves.

Guide Dog Guide Dogs
I am sure all of you are familiar with guide dogs, also known as seeing eye dogs. Trained to guide a visually impaired person the dog gives that person something they would not have otherwise, freedom. Read more

Decoy Wallets

How many credit card offers do you get in the mail? Well if you are like me you get a lot, especially if you own several domain names. Seems like all that personal info you attach to your domain name is fair game for credit card companies. But I thought they at least did a search to see if the name they send a credit card offer to is a real person.

Mr Drive Faster Here’s one card I got recently addressed to Drive Faster. I have no idea where they got this name from but apparently somewhere deep in my past I am associated with Driving Fast? Read more