Precision: its invention, perfection and rise in the modern world

Humans have a habit of measuring things. Our shoe size. The ingredients in our food. How long it takes to get to work, with or without traffic. All of these conscious and subconscious calculations rely on accurate measurements. But how do you measure accuracy?
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The man who created the world wide web wants to regulate the tech giants making billions from his invention

The creator of the world wide web, Sir Tim Berners-Lee, said that “a legal or regulatory framework” may be needed for technology companies. One example that Sir Tim gave was a law giving people more control of their social media data. Sir Tim joins other …
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This simple yet powerful invention is changing the world

The Blockchain story has essentially been a ten-year love affair between technologists and this invention. In fact, if you understand this invention, then understanding mining and immutability on the Blockchain is a walk-in-the-park! (More on this at the …
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From invention to re-invention: can Bengaluru become the ‘Super Silicon Valley’ of the world?

The combination of startups, IT services firms, R&D, and Global In-house Centres in Bengaluru can propel it beyond Silicon Valley, according to an industry panel at the Times LitFest. The recent Times LitFest 2018 in Bengaluru covered a diverse range of …
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1918 famous firsts, events, inventions in news, entertainment, world affairs (photos)

  1. 1918 famous firsts, events, inventions in news, entertainment, world affairs (photos)
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The Invention of World Religions: Or, How European Universalism Was Preserved in the Language of Pluralism

The idea of "world religions" expresses a vague commitment to multiculturalism. Not merely a descriptive concept, "world religions" is actually a particular ethos, a pluralist ideology, a logic of classification, and a form of knowledge that has shaped the study of religion and infiltrated ordinary language.

In this ambitious study, Tomoko Masuzawa examines the emergence of "world religions" in modern European thought. Devoting particular attention to the relation between the comparative