Baysdorfer brothers, Omaha’s very own fathers of invention, were behind the 1st automobile and airplane built in Nebraska

Editor’s note: This piece originally was published on Oct. 23, 2005, as part of David Harding’s “Everyday History” column in The World-Herald. The horseless carriage first appeared on Omaha streets when merchant Emil Brandeis paid the ungodly sum of $ 5,000 …
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Top Silicon Valley investor says there’s very little invention going on in tech these days

Silicon Valley is known as the birthplace for startups bent on disrupting the world around them. However, Spark Capital partner Nabeel Hyatt doesn’t see much invention going on. “There is very little of building a startup right now that you would count as …
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This Invention Is Either an Urban Farm or a Very Temperamental Time Machine

Brooklyn-based design studio created this prototype for Urban Farm Pod, and it’s either a super weird urban farm, or a super standard time machine that malfunctions and sends you 1,000 years into the past instead of 1,000 years into the future, or sends …
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Step Right Up: 20 Very Silly Inventions Actually Pitched On ‘Shark Tank’ – NPR (blog)

NPR (blog)

Step Right Up: 20 Very Silly Inventions Actually Pitched On 'Shark Tank'
NPR (blog)
Shark Tank is a startlingly popular Friday-night show where people who have invented various strange things (and sometimes cool things) bring them to a group of rich people and beg for an investment. Some of the products make sense, some are sort of 

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