Innovative minds: Students learn through creativity at Camp Invention

Every invention known to man started with a great idea that was fostered by knowledge and brought about by research, hard work and dedication. That same exuberant attitude prevailed among young people in Coweta June 12-16 during a Camp Invention program …
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A wonderful invention makes it possible to order pizza through high-top shoes

Grant Hill is promoting new shoes for March Madness. They’re Pizza Hut shoes with a button on the tongue that lets you order pizza, and they’re called Pie Tops. Per Adweek, the shoes use geolocation technology to order the pizza, and here’s more on …
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Inventor preps robot to cut through ice on Europa – Phys.Org

Inventor preps robot to cut through ice on Europa
This week, inventor Bill Stone told attendees at NASA's Astrobiology Science Conference in Atlanta that he intends to get an autonomous robot ready to visit the icebound sea of Jupiter's moon Europa, cut through the icy crust, and explore the waters

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Microrockets Use Bubbles To Self-Propel Through Digestive System – Huffington Post

Perhaps a certain magical school bus could have gotten a boost from this new invention while visiting the human digestive system. Researchers have created “microrockets” powered by bubbles of hydrogen present in strong acids such as stomach acid.
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