Tech invention may do away with hassles at fuel stations

BENGALURU; Everyone is familiar with the drill. People getting their vehicles refuelled at stations must ensure they are paying the right price for the quantity they’re getting. However, a product developed by students of Vijaya Vittala Institute of …
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The best tech inventions that have enabled humans to evolve – ZDNet


The best tech inventions that have enabled humans to evolve
In this series, we look at everything, large and small, that has changed the way we do things or has significantly enhanced our lives. In part 14, we look at inventions that have furthered human advancement throughout time. Read More Read Less …

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30 of the brightest tech innovations from the UK

The UK’s rich history of innovation and invention has provided the world with ideas and products we can’t live without – the mobile phone you could be reading this article on began as the humble telephone back in 1876. This year marks three decades of …
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Top Silicon Valley investor says there’s very little invention going on in tech these days

Silicon Valley is known as the birthplace for startups bent on disrupting the world around them. However, Spark Capital partner Nabeel Hyatt doesn’t see much invention going on. “There is very little of building a startup right now that you would count as …
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