Mark Zuckerberg shares ‘sleep box’ invention he created to help his wife sleep through the night

Mark Zuckerberg knows it’s hard being a parent — and to make things easier on his wife, he unveiled a new invention he created to help her sleep through the night. Zuckerberg shared since the couple …
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Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Invention He Created to Help His Wife Sleep Better: ‘Being a Mom Is Hard’

With two daughters under 4 years old in the house, Mark Zuckerberg had to get creative when it came to helping his wife get some shut-eye. The Facebook co-founder, 34, revealed on – where else? – …
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An Invention For The Nose Becomes A Better Mouse Trap For Those With Sleep Apnea

Have you ever been forced to sleep on the couch because the snoring of someone you love is keeping you awake? I have. The couch, and even the bathroom, was the only place I could find refuge from my dad’s snoring. His snoring was so loud it felt like the …
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