Mark Zuckerberg Shows Off Invention He Created to Help His Wife Sleep Better: ‘Being a Mom Is Hard’

With two daughters under 4 years old in the house, Mark Zuckerberg had to get creative when it came to helping his wife get some shut-eye. The Facebook co-founder, 34, revealed on – where else? – …
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Seattle drone and robot startup WiBotic shows off latest inventions (Video) – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)

Seattle drone and robot startup WiBotic shows off latest inventions (Video)
Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)
Seattle-based WiBotic has launched its latest generation of wireless charging equipment for drones and robots. WiBotic unveiled a smaller, lighter version of its onboard charger for drones and compact robots, shedding weight so automatons can travel …

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Invention Convention shows off student ideas

Students invited their parents and fellow classmates to view their latest inventions at the Invention Convention Monday at Mount Stuart Elementary School. The Invention Convention is the culminating activity for the fourth and fifth grade highly capable …
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5 Essential Networking Tips for Invention Trade Shows

Invention trade shows provide great opportunities to network with industry professionals, licensing companies, and fellow inventors. It is essential to be prepared to network with many different people because you will see hundeds of faces within a period …
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‘American Experience’ tonight shows how Thomas Edison reinvented invention

“People feel like they’re part of a God-like force that is sweeping up a backward world and turning it into an immensely sophisticated place.” Thomas Edison’s genius was so much a part of the fabric of American life by the late 1870s that when a journalist …
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New Study of Shows That E Cigarettes are Really Helpful to Minimize Smoking – Emailwire

With the constant increasing rate of cancer affected people due to consumption of tobacco the new invention “electronic cigarettes” came into light. The product has gained fame over past few years. A lot of people have opted for electronic cigarettes …
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