How one mom’s shopping cart invention is helping special needs kids, seniors

Caroline Long (left) and a 91-year-old woman show off Caroline’s Cart during a shopping trip at their local grocery stores. It took one frustrated mom and a scribbled idea on the back of a napkin to create something that thousands of people are now using …
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InventHelp® Client Patents “The Roni” – Accessory Invented for Easier Transport of Multiple Grocery or Shopping Bags

This invention is patented. “The Roni” would be producible from rubber-coated plastic and fit between the user’s hand and bag handles. The design could provide and easier, more ergonomic way to carry multiple bags. The invention would distribute …
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Jimmy Fallon’s New Invention Will Make Holiday Shopping Simpler

When you think J. Crew, perfectly preppy buttoned-up types in gingham shirts automatically come to mind. Put Jimmy Fallon in one of their campaigns and it’s holiday shopping inspiration for everyone. The only improvement would be an appearance from …
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