Children of invention: Pre-K students learn about problem solving and how to sew shoes

Though her pre-kindergarten charges are as young as 3 years old, in the last few months Melissa Barker has seen them blossom into curious explorers, problem-solving inventors and agile crafters. The class at The Young School in Westminster embarked on a 14 …
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A wonderful invention makes it possible to order pizza through high-top shoes

Grant Hill is promoting new shoes for March Madness. They’re Pizza Hut shoes with a button on the tongue that lets you order pizza, and they’re called Pie Tops. Per Adweek, the shoes use geolocation technology to order the pizza, and here’s more on …
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He felt so bad for girl with toes hanging out of shoes that it inspired invention

It took more than a year, but his viral video helped him find someone to make the idea a reality Little things can escape our notice — a tiny blossom gaining purchase in a concrete path, a miniscule ant resolutely at work, an infant’s waking smile in …
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