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Quirky, the invention startup that burned through $200 million and went bankrupt, is back from the dead with a new business model

Failed New York City startup Quirky has risen from the dead. Quirky was founded in 2009 with the goal of “making invention accessible” by creating a platform for inventors to submit their ideas, which Quirky could then manufacture and sell. But the …
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Quirky, an Invention Start-Up, Files for Bankruptcy

Quirky, an ambitious crowdsourced invention start-up, which raised $ 185 million from investors that included General Electric and leading venture capital firms, filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday. The failure of the company, based in New York, will surely …
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Invention Startup Quirky Seeks Chapter 11 Protection

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Invention Startup Quirky Files for Bankruptcy

Startup invention company Quirky Inc., which specializes in developing products to control household appliances with smartphones and other devices, has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy to launch a sale. The company filed for bankruptcy with a plan to sell …
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How Quirky Turns Ideas Into Inventions – Popular Mechanics

How Quirky Turns Ideas Into Inventions
Popular Mechanics
Like many a great invention, Jake Zien's power strip was born of frustration. After completing his junior year of high school, the Milwaukee native was taking a summer course in industrial design at the Rhode Island School of Design when the surge

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GE + Quirky + Inventions = A Dubious Deal – Forbes

GE + Quirky + Inventions = A Dubious Deal
The inventor's payback is just 12.6% of whatever revenue the invention makes, which would be fine, except for the requirement for the inventor to sign away their IP in the process. This is, to say the least, hardly fair if Quirky goes on to capitalize

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