Happy accidents: Inventions that prove mistakes aren’t always a bad thing

Some of history’s most life-changing inventions (and a classic toy) have come from those aiming for one thing and discovering another. Under different circumstances, these experiments could have been …
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Mistakes to Avoid When Filing Computer-Implemented Invention Patents at the EPO

If the invention is initially claimed only in broad terms, the examiner may narrowly read the claims to avoid prior art. If such mistakes are made, the subject-matter is claimed too broadly from the beginning and the examiner may unable to identify what and where to search. This can lead to lengthy prosecution.
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The Top 5 Mistakes Inventors make with their Invention

There is a maze of information available online for new inventors, much of it very good and much of it highly questionable. Therefore, it is not surprising that each and every week I receive multiple general inquiries from newbie inventors. Although …
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