It’s Finally Here: Simple New Invention That Will Prevent You From Ever Losing Your Guitar Pick

Today in guitar stuff, meet the Pick Slinger, a handy little gizmo that basically attaches a pick to your fingers. Not only does the gizmo prevent you from losing your plectrum, but it also allows you to sling it, putting it in and out of your hand in a …
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Another Friendly Reminder from the CAFC – Use of “the Present Invention” is Clear and Unequivocal Evidence of Disavowal

Disavowal can occur when a patent holder disavows the full scope of claim terms in the specification or during prosecution (e.g., through the doctrine of prosecution history estoppel). In either event, disavowal requires clear and unequivocal evidence …
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From Suck to Blow, Dyson’s Odyssey of Invention

Tucked into the British countryside, the town of Malmesbury doesn’t scream technology paradise. But one local spot is among the most advanced research centers in the world, and that’s the headquarters of Dyson, the famed maker of vacuum cleaners, air …
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LSU faculty members are closing in on bringing their inventions to market with funds from the university’s LIFT2 grant program

If LSU Physics Professor Shane Stadler’s invention hits the market, the systems that cool our homes, cars and freezers could change drastically. The current system for cooling uses compressed gas technology and emits fluorocarbon gases, which can be …
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Innovation Lessons From A Billionaire

Take his first invention, which came about because he discovered that there was no safe and effective way to eliminate the bone spurs that often accompany slipped disks. What’s the point of removing the ruptured disk, he wondered, if the bone spur that …
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From Invention to Perfection: Masterpieces of Eighteenth-Century Decorative Art

A reference work for collectors and enthusiasts of 18th-century objets d'art Featuring essays by leading specialists in the fields of European applied artOne hundred masterpieces of European art and arts and crafts of the eighteenth century form a panorama of innovation, design and expert realisation. In their sumptuous design, the porcelain, furniture, bronzes and silver objects are all miracles of the luxury craftsmanship found in court art. Such sophisticated design was the driving force behi