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Shantel Jackson Has a High Heel Invention Breakthrough on ‘The Platinum Life’ — Watch! (Exclusive)

She’s there to walk in heels on a special runway, using Shantel’s invention. “She has been busting her a** for so long putting this together,” Nazanin notes. “So, I’m gonna rock that catwalk and I know she’s gonna pass.” The Ladies of ‘The …
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Exclusive Invention: The Shkirt (a shirt and skirt all-in-one)

The packaging the shkirt arrives in, as you’ll need to be drunk in order to wear this with pride in public. Fashion isn’t normally our cup of tea. Our esteemed editor, Mr. Wapojif, usually only wears really old smelly clothes so no one ever bothers him …
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Exclusive Invention: The Jamper (like a jumper, but with more jam)

There comes a time in a man’s life when jumpers become remarkably important. No matter how bad your day is going, if you’re wearing a jumper then, ultimately, all is well with the world and your conscience. Peace of mind? Piece of wool more like!
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Exclusive Invention: The TeNT (for explosive camping fun!)

The TeNT functions perfectly in destroying appallingly idyllic scenes such as this. Trinitrotoluene (better known as TNT, or the fun stuff you see in Disney cartoons) functions wonderfully as an industrial explosive, but no one has ever thought to combine …
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Exclusive Invention: The Mush Room (as in a vegetable room)

Imagine a room made out of these things, eh? Psychedelic, man. It’s about bloody time those slimy, manipulative fruits known as mushrooms lived up to their name for once and didn’t con the general public at large with devious tactics. Indeed, since …
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Exclusive Invention: The CushIron – A Cushion and Iron All-in-One!

Ever wanted to sit on one of these? Now’s your chance! As humans, we all enjoy sitting on cushions. Why? They’re comfortable, thusly ensuring your behind doesn’t become uncomfortable. However, many of us aren’t so fond of irons as they infer housework.
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