English Symphony Orchestra/Woods review – David Matthews’ ninth brims with exuberant invention

A carol, written for the winter solstice in 2015, and anticipating the spring to come, was the starting point for David Matthews’s new symphony. It’s his ninth, but, as if determined to avoid the grandiloquence that composers have so often felt obliged …
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Author interview: David J Gerber on ‘The Inventor’s Dilemma’

His story demonstrates how invention can help preserve American industry. But his ability to recognise inventive opportunities relied on his proximity to manufacturers. Visiting a factory, for example, he might notice scraps on a workroom floor …
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The Invention of Science: A New History of the Scientific Revolution by David Wootton review – a big bang moment

The birth of science in Europe was the greatest revolution of all, argues this dazzling polemic What is modernity and when did it begin? The answer depends a lot on the nationality and specialism of the historian you ask. Italians favour the achievements …
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