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Man uses pandemic to create marble invention meant to ‘destroy’ boredom – East Idaho News

Man uses pandemic to create marble invention meant to ‘destroy’ boredom  East Idaho News
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Europe’s biggest 3D printer helps create an entire two-story house

While 3D printing might be most commonly used to print smaller-sized models or prototypes, that doesn’t mean it can’t also be used to print larger objects. Much, much larger. In Belgium, Europe’s largest 3D printer was recently used to print an entire house. Unlike other 3D-printed houses we’ve covered (of which there are a handful), this one has two floors — making it one of the biggest and most ambitious 3D-printed housing projects we’ve seen. Read more

Students create and innovate at Camp Invention

More than 100 rising first- through sixth-graders engaged in innovative and creative projects at Wilton’s Camp Invention, July 31 through Aug. 4. The week-long day camp is designed to not only foster innovation and creativity in students, but also build …
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