Invention and Rediscovery: Crash Course in Science continues breaking barriers on Situational Awareness

Crash Course In Science is truly a legendary Philadelphia band. But until a few years ago they only existed as the stuff of lore, their minimal post-punk electronic music, characterized by the strange tones of toy instruments and homemade synths, almost …
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Nike’s patent explosion continues as 56 inventions earn Feds’ OK – Portland Business Journal

Portland Business Journal

Nike's patent explosion continues as 56 inventions earn Feds' OK
Portland Business Journal
Nike Inc.'s patent rush isn't slowing down. And it continues to reflect a more disciplined approach to R&D. The sportswear giant on Tuesday collected 56 patents, including 50 for designs and six for new technology. Nike on Tuesday got 56 patents

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STEMS Continues Tradition of Excellence at the 2015 Invention Convention

Westview Middle School’s Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics School (STEMS) have become regular winners at the annual Invention Conventions held in Greenville. This year proved to be another successful year for STEMS students. For the fifth …
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Revolutionary invention or Russian scam? The GoBe calorie-tracking wristband continues to raise eyebrows.

Company literature calls the GoBe “the Original 100% Automatic Body Manager™.” The wearable device, which is being showcased this week by Healbe Corp. at the International CES expo in Las Vegas, is a slick-looking wristband that promises to monitor sleep …
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