This Company Rents Brains to PepsiCo and Others With Thorny Problems

Say your company needs an invention, process or widget but the research guys are out of ideas. Who ya gonna call? If you’re PepsiCo—or, for that matter, Meat and Livestock Australia—the answer is Xinova, a Seattle-based company that essentially rents …
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From Light Bulb to Industrial Powerhouse: A Brief History of General Electric Company

To this day, GE’s spirit of invention fuels the company’s mission to move, power, build, and cure the world. A company of firsts Throughout its existence, General Electric has been responsible for many “firsts” in the world. Near the turn of the 20th …
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Why Some Of The Most Celebrated Inventions Are Corrected Failures – Fast Company

Why Some Of The Most Celebrated Inventions Are Corrected Failures
Fast Company
The book is the story of how some of the most celebrated inventions in our past and present are simply corrections after failed attempts. Such insights into a most undesirable state and the success of Lewis' first book, which most recently reached the

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Seven New IBM Fellows Named as Company Celebrates Heritage of Innovation – Yahoo Finance

His key inventions include extendible hashing … affording clients more time to make decisions and react to changing situations more rapidly. This new breed of “context aware computing” holds big promise for organizations across a variety …
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How to Protect Your Company from Invention Theft – Brookings Institution

To understand why, it’s helpful to consider an example. Suppose that an employee at your company, which we’ll call EthicalTech, has come up with a new invention. She has documented it internally and is currently engaged in discussions with …
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