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WATCH: Novi boys bring invention to ‘Tonight Show’ Fallonventions

Two local kids appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon” on Tuesday night to show off one of their inventions. In the segment dubbed “Fallonventions,” 9-year-olds Graham Long and Tyler Parks, …
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The Waybacks to bring spirit of invention, surprise to The Ramkat

For the Waybacks, it’s all about the tease. Half the fun of the group’s annual Album Hour at MerleFest is building excitement about what classic album they and their guests will perform, but keeping i…
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Hansley uses Start-Up Aggieland resources to bring invention to first responders

Dayana Hansley ’18 had an eventful freshman year. She struggled in her engineering classes during the first semester. At the same time, the Abilene native and her team took first place in the 2014 Aggies Invent competition, a 48-hour engineering …
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Students bring ideas to life at Invention Convention

WEST CALDWELL TWP. – Second graders at the grades K-5 Wilson Elementary School showcased their ingenuity at the third annual Invention Convention, where students created gadgets and gear designed to do away with everyday problems on Thursday, April 20.
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Helping to Bring Lifesaving Medical Inventions to Market – Huffington Post

Helping to Bring Lifesaving Medical Inventions to Market
Huffington Post
Universities throughout the world are spawning amazing innovative research that can save lives. The problem is that many of the inventions from this research never see the light of day because of the obstacles to commercializing them. The philosophical …

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You’ve got a problem? Bring it on, say Camp Invention ‘scientists’

Heir eyes were focused. Their hands were moving with acute precision. Their minds were fixated on solving the problem in front of them. Because when they stepped through the doors of Camp Invention, local youngsters weren’t students anymore — they were …
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