Israeli Invention Allows Doctors to Monitor Ultrasounds Remotely in Real-Time

The idea of ultrasound technology is to give radiologists a dynamic look at moving parts inside the body. However, most ultrasound scans today are done by technicians – so the radiologist is reviewing …
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New Invention Allows Users to File Airplane Noise Complaints With Click of Button

The Point Loma pause; If you live there you know what it means. Residents who live near Lindbergh Field’s flight path have to pause their conversations so often due to airplane noise that there’s actu…
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This incredible new invention allows users to change the flavor of their drink using their SMARTPHONE.

Dubbed the “world’s first virtual cocktail,” no longer will partygoers need to wait at the bar for a change of drink, thanks to this nifty hack, which fools your senses of smell, sight and taste with digital tech, tricking the mind into believing it’s …
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Invention Allows for More Convenient and Ergonomic Smartphone Use (PHO-2416)

An inventor from Phoenix, Ariz., had to take long flights for his job, and he was tired of having to hold up his mobile phone for long periods. This inspired him to come up with a way to make phone use more convenient and comfortable during trips.
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Students’ invention allows quadriplegics to use tongue to control devices

You’ve probably never heard of the phrase “tongue-controlled independence,” but thanks to five enterprising college students, that’s about to change. They’ve just invented life-changing technology: a retainer for quadriplegics that allows them to move by …
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Invention allows mom-baby contact during C-section

RICHMOND, Va. (AP) — About one-third of births in the United States each year are by cesarean section, and often those moms don’t get to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with their babies. That didn’t seem fair to registered nurses Kimberly Jarrelle …
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