Hey Bartender (2013) An American Invention

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Their invention is valued at $250 million. Here’s why they’re not satisfied

Most entrepreneurs would salivate at the prospect of their invention being valued at $ 250 million practically overnight. But for one group of twentysomething guys writing code in a Cambridge apartment, the wild interest in their product can feel more like …
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The Invention of Everything Else

New York City thrums with energy, wonder, and possibility in this magical novel about the life of Nikola Tesla. It is 1943, and the renowned inventor Nikola Tesla occupies a forbidden room on the 33rd floor of the Hotel New Yorker, stealing electricity. Louisa, a young maid at the hotel determined to befriend him, wins his attention through a shared love of pigeons; with her we hear his tragic and tremendous life story unfold. Meanwhile, Louisa discovers that her father—and her handsome, enig

Spark Museum of Electrical Invention: A Living Legacy

Since I was a small child, I’ve been fascinated by how—and why—our world works the way it does. That’s why my family and I love The Spark Museum of Electrical Invention, covering the dawn of the electrical age as early as the 1600s, through the …
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Be the Artist: Leonardo da Vinci and His Inventions – GeekDad (blog)

GeekDad (blog)

Be the Artist: Leonardo da Vinci and His Inventions
GeekDad (blog)
Leonardo was the example to follow, as he has been listed as a “scientist, mathematician, engineer, inventor, anatomist, painter, sculptor, architect, botanist, musician and writer.” Leonardo's name doesn't have a surname but rather identifies where he

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This Genius Invention Is Meant to Get Rid of Boob Sweat

On some days, the 21st century has its shining moments. The invention the Ta-Ta Towel is one of those moments, a piece of garment designed to avoid boob sweat and your boobs sticking together after a shower or during hot days. With the tagline, “Keep …
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