Your Next Prescription Might Be For A Microchip – Forbes

Instead, your drugs might be delivered under your skin, from a small microchip. At least, that’s the promise of a new invention by MIT researchers Robert Langer and Michael Cima, who worked with MicroCHIPS, Inc. to develop a microchip capable …
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Valentine’s Day apps that can help wow a sweetheart — and mend a broken heart  – New York Daily News

There’s … a bunch of apps for that. While paperless cards aren’t exactly a new invention (we can’t wait to see what someecards has to snark at us today!), Paperless Post ( not only offers the ability to make one …
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Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue 2012: 21 Models Revealed! (PHOTOS, VIDEO) – Huffington Post

Due to this wild new invention called The Internet, Monday afternoon saw the early release (a leak, if you will) of the much-anticipated 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover, revealing that as expected, Kate Upton is this year’s chosen …
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Bram Cohen: My goal is to kill off television (Janko Roettgers/GigaOM)

Janko Roettgers / GigaOM:
Bram Cohen: My goal is to kill off television  —  BitTorrent inventor Bram Cohen demoed his P2P live streaming protocol at the San Francisco MusicTech Summit on Monday, which he said could potentially stream live video to millions of computers with no central infrastructure.

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Kodak to stop making cameras – The Guardian

But the company decided not to bring its new invention to market because of fears it would cannibalise its – at the time very profitable – business selling chemicals for traditional film developing. When it finally got round to making mass …
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Ann Arbor man invents the WhirlyDoodle –

 Timothy Jones is an Ann Arbor attorney with an unusually creative mind. He came up with an invention that is grabbing everyone’s attention up and down Washington Street where 20 WhirlyDoodles have been attached to street lights. “It caught my …
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