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Global Scientific Scene Snarls; Brand-New Invention Stirs Controversy – Examiner

When observing the flight of the albatross, we are immediately struck with the awesome beauty, grace and infinitely unparalleled form initiated and maintained in their majestic gliding descent and self-motivated ballerina soaring. The undeniable fact …
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UPPERcase Inc. Releases Data From Market Research Study Regarding New Invention – YAHOO!

Market research study of UPPERcase Inc. reveals positive findings indicating market desirability for their CargoInn™ product line. Full survey data is made available to potential partners. UPPERcase releases key findings from the market research survey …
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Miles Davis gets stamp of approval from your favorite semi-governmental agency – Examiner

(I know; I was there for a couple of them.) But by and large, the massively influential trumpeter had a well-earned reputation for treating each performance as a welcoming slate for new invention. It’s the main reason that listeners clamor for each newly …
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New Plans To Harness The Power Of The Sea –

The Government will announce the creation of the UK’s first marine energy hub later as part of a push to speed up progress in the sector. The South West Marine Energy Park will stretch from Bristol to Cornwall and as far as the Isles of Scilly. Climate …
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Vanilla Ice Goes Indie Rock With Acoustic ‘Ice Ice Baby’ Performance — Video – S spinner

Listen! Ice is back with a brand new invention: Indie Vanilla Ice. After going through several image overhauls, rumor has it that the music industry veteran moved to Echo Park, Los Angeles after finally figuring out a sure-fire way to success.
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Android App Inventor Open Sourced, Code Released (Audrey Watters/Hack Education)

Audrey Watters / Hack Education:
Android App Inventor Open Sourced, Code Released  —  Last year, Google decided to shutter Google Labs, a place where a number of incredibly wonderful experimental projects lived.  Among the projects that got the ax was one of my favorites: Google’s Android App Inventor.

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