Invention promises to minimise train-elephant collisions

Chaminda Jayasinghe with his invention

A technician from Kottawa in Galle has invented a signal system to prevent wild elephants from being run over by trains. The new inventor Chaminda Jayasinghe said that he had already received letters patent for six out of 52 new inventions. He was of the opinion that Sri Lanka Railways and the Department of Wildlife and Conservation could examine the installation and improve its efficiency or modify it so that it can be used to make railway line trouble-free of elephants. He said that it can be used first on an experimental basis. He said the system could be turned out at a cost of about Rs.50,000.

He has named the new invention as a safety system to save wild elephants from train accidents. He said that he used soild conductor plates, a sensor, an Arduino circuit and inverter circuit to turnout the safety system.

“Two good conductor plates should be placed in between the rails and the sensor is fitted to a rail. Power is them supplied to them. A control box with Arduino circuit and the invertor circuit is installed by the railway line and power is supplied to it with a solar panel. Ar

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