From Suck to Blow, Dyson’s Odyssey of Invention

Tucked into the British countryside, the town of Malmesbury doesn’t scream technology paradise. But one local spot is among the most advanced research centers in the world, and that’s the headquarters of Dyson, the famed maker of vacuum cleaners, air …
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LSU faculty members are closing in on bringing their inventions to market with funds from the university’s LIFT2 grant program

If LSU Physics Professor Shane Stadler’s invention hits the market, the systems that cool our homes, cars and freezers could change drastically. The current system for cooling uses compressed gas technology and emits fluorocarbon gases, which can be …
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Miami, FL, September 28, 2016 –(– Fermin E., Florida resident and inventor, recently contracted Miami, Florida-based invention assistance leader to represent his Nimref invention to potential licensees in industry over the next …
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The Invention of Nature: The Adventures of Alexander Von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science

Synopsis: The acclaimed author of The Brother Gardeners and Founding Gardeners reveals the forgotten life of the visionary German naturalist whose ideas continue to influence how we view ourselves and our relationship with the natural world today.
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7 world changing inventions which were invented accidentally!

Right after a decade his assistants Florey and Ernst chain were successful to isolate the bacteria killing substance from the mold and in 1945 they three were awarded Nobel Prize for the invention. Well, from then you know how penicillin has changed the …
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Dr. NakaMats unveils bladed ‘guard wig’ invention for Donald Trump

NEW YORK – Dr. NakaMats, the alias of inventor Yoshiro Nakamatsu, unveiled Friday yet another quirky contraption: a wig with a built-in sword for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump. “The Guard Wig is one invention out of 3,500 inventions and …
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