Yummy – Microwaved Used Tires

Great idea but I wonder what kind of by-product is left over from the process if any? But this is a good start in keeping in check the overwhelming amount of by-products created by modern civilization.


Old tires are hard to bury and dirty to burn, but a New Jersey company has a new solution: microwave them.

The Global Resource Corporation, of Mount Laurel, is expected to cut the ribbon on Monday on a factory outside Chicago that makes giant microwave chambers for converting tires into three kinds of fuel: oil that can serve as a feedstock at an oil refinery, or substitute directly for diesel fuel in some applications; gases that can be burned to make electricity; and a solid material that can be burned in coal plants.

Roughly 300 tires — or about three tons — has about as much fuel value as a barrel of oil, according to Jay E. Gill, a salesman at the company. Indeed, the tires were mostly oil to begin with — microwaving merely rearranges the hydrogen and carbon molecules.

A plant using Global Resource’s microwave machine processing one ton per hour would cost about $7.5 million, he said, including $2.4 million for the microwaving machine, plus tire shredders and other equipment. Such a plant would be able to produce a surplus of about 400 kilowatts more electricity than the microwave machine consumes, Mr. Gill said.

That amount of electricity might run a small supermarket.

Many processors today put old tires through a process called pyrolysis, which means heating them to high temperature without oxygen. Another solution is to grind them up into “tire-derived fuel,’’ which can be used in cement kilns or paper mills. Global Resource says it is the first to microwave them.

Source: Cooking Old Tires With Microwaves

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