The 66 Best Inventions of the Past 66 Years

Thanks to six and a half decades of remarkable scientific and technological innovation, 2020 looks very little like 1954. From Velcro to virtual reality, LEDs to Facebook, these are the 66 top …
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Celebrating 115 years of air conditioning thanks to Willis Carrier and his 1902 invention

On a scorching hot day most of us head indoors to enjoy the air conditioner. It’s a machine that was invented 115 years ago not for comfort but necessity. “It’s allowed our society or any society that …
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Revealed ‘Supersonic’ Whisky Invention After 70 Years Of Secrecy

It was the supersonic whisky which promised to cut the maturing process from 10 years to just a few hours. A batch made in 1951 at Fettercairn distillery produced promising results but a larger experiment failed and the idea was abandoned and remained …
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Keith Alexander’s invention took 15 years and has made $55 million, but he doesn’t own it

When it comes to big ticket Christmas gifts for children, it doesn’t get much bigger than the trampoline. For safety conscious parents, one of the most popular options is the Springfree trampoline, which was invented by New Zealand professor Keith Alexander.
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Seattle nonprofit celebrates 40 years of life-saving inventions –

Seattle nonprofit celebrates 40 years of life-saving inventions
In a South Lake Union work shop, lives are being saved one invention at a time. "There's not much we can't make, test, evaluate, produce," said Mike Eisenstein of the 40-year-old nonprofit, PATH. The workshop is where a team of ten — many of them, …

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