This Invention Would Let You Eat Water Like a Giant Grape

It can be tough to get your recommended daily intake of water, but one innovation is making it easier than ever to keep a bottle, or blob, of H2O on hand. So if all goes according to plan, not only could you soon be keeping bottles out of landfills, you …
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New Apple invention would allow for complex, multi-axis haptic feedback

An Apple patent application published on Tuesday suggests interest in a haptic feedback motor that could vibrate in different directions, depending on a device’s orientation. The filing would require the use of two haptic modules, able to vibrate …
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WAT Practice Topic 1 answer – Which Invention Would You Have Liked to Do?

Yesterday, we gave you the following practice topic for WAT – “Of all the inventions and discoveries in the world, which one would you have liked to do?”. This topic had appeared in the IIM Ahmedabad 2012 admission process. Guidelines – How to Approach …
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Would you ride ‘the world’s safest bike’? Invention boasts a roll cage, foot protectors and a SEAT BELT to protect you

Is this the world’s safest bike? Its designers certainly think so. Boasting front and rear lights, rear view mirrors and even a car horn, the team behind the electric Babel Bike say it is unprecedented in its approach to safety. And perhaps most …
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In this video Luke Rudkowski travels to Barcelona Spain to meet Miguel Celades who was the offical representatives for the MDI Air Car. The technology and car were shelved after government pressure and a corporation buying out the company.

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Living Like The Jetsons! The 10 Inventions From The Cartoon You Wish Would … –

Living Like The Jetsons! The 10 Inventions From The Cartoon You Wish Would
All kidding aside, we're pretty jealous of some of the inventions they have! You hear that, scientists?! You better introducing some of these new advancements ASAP! CLICK HERE to view the gallery, “Living Like The Jetsons! The 10 Inventions From The …

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