12 inventions you’d think would work better by now

Some predicted nearly 100 years ago that flying cars and space travel would be common in daily life, but even some basic inventions still fall flat.
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Companies work to bridge an invention gap

Will the next great innovations come from women? There’s currently a gender gap among inventors so great that a Harvard study predicted it will take 118 years to reach parity. But several large …
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Oklahoman showed how innovation and invention work together

Invention and innovation are not the same. A few years ago, a contributor in Forbes put it this way: “Invention creates an ability, but innovation takes that ability and allows it to scale and create some kind of market impact.” But which comes first?
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Is this the most ridiculous invention ever? Treadmill bicycle lets you cycle to work by WALKING

First there was the single-geared ‘fixie’ bike, then there was the unicycle, and then the electric unicycle. But hipsters could be ready to one-up themselves again with a new take on wheeled transport, which uses a treadmill instead of pedals.
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WMU State of the University speech focuses on work in autism, invention and law

KALAMAZOO, MI — Western Michigan University’s accomplishments over the past year prove that the institution is poised to grow its reputation in the state and across the nation. That’s what WMU President John Dunn told a gathering of faculty and staff in …
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Resist the fear of creation and profit from invention: Best practices that work

Being creative is the cornerstone of innovation and growth for any business. Those who study creative thinking agree that the belief people are either born with creative talent or not is a myth. Those who study innovation offer some the best ideas on how …
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