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Women Innovator Awards support diversity in invention | Cornell Chronicle – Cornell Chronicle

Women Innovator Awards support diversity in invention | Cornell Chronicle  Cornell Chronicle
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32 Women Whose Inventions Changed Life As We Know It

Let’s take a moment to honor some of the women who have made indelible contributions to our understanding of the world..
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Women of invention: How Rochester faculty find success as patent-holders

They create novel devices that enable real-time biopsies, light the way for robotic surgery, and help independent-minded teens manage their asthma. They develop new technologies to target the delivery …
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The mothers of invention – Can women change the world?

What have windscreen wipers, computer software, stem cell isolation and dishwashers got in common? Give up? They were all invented by women. Sadly I’ve no prize to offer those who know their female inventors but it does set the scene for 2017’s 100 …
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The Ta-Ta Towel is the Invention Women Has Been Waiting For

The Ta-Ta Towel has women around the country mesmerized by the genius, yet simple design. Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) has more.
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