This invention kit is on sale and can turn almost anything into a touchpad or video game controller

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Have you ever seen the experiment that uses an orange to conduct electricity and think “man, I wish I could use fruit to control objects in my life …
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Seattle drone and robot startup WiBotic shows off latest inventions (Video) – Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)

Seattle drone and robot startup WiBotic shows off latest inventions (Video)
Puget Sound Business Journal (Seattle)
Seattle-based WiBotic has launched its latest generation of wireless charging equipment for drones and robots. WiBotic unveiled a smaller, lighter version of its onboard charger for drones and compact robots, shedding weight so automatons can travel …

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Watch the video of this incredible invention helping a woman diagnosed with parkinson’s to write again

Technology will never cease to amaze the human race. In yet another awesome invention a young 29 year old graphic designer diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease has been given the chance to write again. Emma Lawton was diagnosed with Parkinsons when she was …
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10 Awesome Inventions by Kids [Video]

This episode of AllTime10s takes a look at 10 amazing invention that were discovered by kids! Children’s overactive imaginations make them them natural creative geniuses. But, did you know some of the items we use everyday were invented by a child?
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This Invention Lets a Hamster Draw a Self-Portrait Using Its Wheel (Video)

With the help of this new invention, Joji the hamster can channel its creative energies into drawing. By running on a tricked-out hamster wheel, this hamster creates a self-portrait, drawing itself in the act of working out. This invention comes from Neil …
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World Patent Marketing Invention Team Introduces The Wave Video Tone, A Music App Invention For Creating Ringtones Out of Music and Video Clips

World Patent Marketing Reviews A New Music App Invention. Will Wave Video Tone Be The Next World Patent Marketing Low Cost Success Story? World Patent Marketing, a vertically integrated manufacturer and engineer of patented products, announces The Tote …
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