Loci is using blockchain technology to tell you if your invention is unique

So far, blockchain has focused largely on areas such as fintech, cryptocurrencies, real estate, insurance, and identity. But every day a new industry sector is taking advantage of the benefits of dist…
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TurboPatent lands $3.25M to help companies protect their inventions using automation

  1. TurboPatent lands $ 3.25M to help companies protect their inventions using automation  GeekWire
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This incredible new invention allows users to change the flavor of their drink using their SMARTPHONE.

Dubbed the “world’s first virtual cocktail,” no longer will partygoers need to wait at the bar for a change of drink, thanks to this nifty hack, which fools your senses of smell, sight and taste with digital tech, tricking the mind into believing it’s …
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Invention dramatically improves oil spill cleanup using fire

An invention so simple that even the inventor was surprised no one had thought of it before is set to revolutionize how we respond to oil spills. The flame refluxer designed by Ali Rangwala increases the efficiency and intensity of oil fires by a factor of …
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The room that charges your gadgets using THIN AIR: Disney invention could power up to 320 mobile devices

It may be best known for its children’s films, but Disney is trying its hand at wireless charging technology. The firm is working on technology similar to Wi-Fi that can power upmobile devices without the need for wires. So far researchers have …
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Tiny Stanford invention purifies water in minutes using the sun

Is that a piece of bark in your drink? A bug, maybe? Nope. It’s a tiny water-purifying tablet powered by the sun. The device comes from scientists at the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory and Stanford University’s Institute for …
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