The Army, The Inventor And The Surprising Uses Of A Batman … – NPR


The Army, The Inventor And The Surprising Uses Of A Batman …
The Army wanted a new, small device that could pull a person rapidly up a rope. The invention they eventually got has uses far beyond the military.

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Hansley uses Start-Up Aggieland resources to bring invention to first responders

Dayana Hansley ’18 had an eventful freshman year. She struggled in her engineering classes during the first semester. At the same time, the Abilene native and her team took first place in the 2014 Aggies Invent competition, a 48-hour engineering …
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Apple invention uses RFID tags, Apple Watch to track food nutrition

As Apple wades further into health industry waters with products like Apple Watch, the company on Tuesday was granted a patent for technology that would allow food vendors to embed nutritional information in device-readable RFID tags. The solution presents …
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New invention uses bacteria to purify water

A new system that uses bacteria to turn non-potable water into drinking water will be tested next week in West Vancouver prior to being installed in remote communities in Canada and beyond. A University of British Columbia-developed system that uses …
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