This invention kit is on sale and can turn almost anything into a touchpad or video game controller

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission. Have you ever seen the experiment that uses an orange to conduct electricity and think “man, I wish I could use fruit to control objects in my life …
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You can now turn water into Prosecco, thanks to this new invention

Yep, MySecco is the world’s first make-your-own single bottle of sparkling wine, and all you have to do is pour warm water into the provided bottle and add the included yeast and syrup sachets. Described as a ‘delicious, hand-crafted sparkling wine with …
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Fresno realtor want to turn invention into full-fledged business

A Fresno entrepreneur wants to make it easier for you to hang your artwork and pictures around your home. Level Art is one of the newest inventions out there and its founder is Fresno businessman Michael Van Horst. “We’ve come up with something that nobody …
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This Invention Guarantees To Turn Off Your Period Cramps FOREVER

How did we not know about this?! “Have a happy period” was the slogan for Always pads and pretty much angered women everywhere. It was just so silly. Sure, there might be times when you’re not in a full-on pain session where you feel like you’re going to …
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Now on Kickstarter: Tio Kits Can Turn 3D Prints & Toys Into Smartphone Controlled Inventions & Robots

Each kit features nine pop-and-fold invention templates as a starting point, before users go on to creating and exploring combinations of different materials and different inventions. The templates include a lighthouse, climber, windmill and helicopter.
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Ideas turn into inventions at Elm School – Suburban Life Publications

Ideas turn into inventions at Elm School
Suburban Life Publications
On May 7, fifth-graders at Elm Elementary School showed off their creative side in an "Invention Convention" presentation, where their own creations were put on display. One of those inventions was "Clock Smell," by Lillian Kloubec. “I thought, I can't

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