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Inventions inspired by trauma and tragedy – CNN

Inventions inspired by trauma and tragedy
(CNN) — Necessity, so the saying goes, is the mother of all invention. But as history often shows adversity is often the catalyst for creativity, inspiring inventors to life-saving feats of ingenuity. Gripping story. Italian Vitale Bramini is credited

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Local invention helps with brain trauma – msnbc.com

Sometimes it’s a stroke or a concussion and it can happen to the elderly, soldiers, abuse victims or athletes.   That’s why new technology being developed right here in the islands could one day  save countless lives.    “Effectively we still have the …
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Award-Winning Heart Valve Invention Takes Less Time, Less Expense, Less Trauma – Newswise

Newswise — Heart patients may experience “a lot less” trauma with a new invention to mend leaky valves with minimum cutting, says inventor James Gammie, MD, an associate professor at the University of Maryland (UM) School of Medicine. Gammie is the …
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