In pursuit of an invention – Hindustan Times

In pursuit of an invention
Hindustan Times
Deep down, I felt guilty for failing to save my mother despite being a medical student," says Pal, now 48, and the country's only independent inventor with nine US patents. His house in Pitampura, Delhi, resembles a laboratory-cum-library with a

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Originals By Weber New Invention Loose Dentures Begone! Get More Comfort! Low Cost. No Mixing. Always Soft, Stable, Secure. Re-usable Many Times – YAHOO!

This new Weber Preformed Denture Liner Kit with preformed upper and lower denture liners as uppers and lowers is designed to answer questions often asked by denture wearers such as: “How can I make my loose denture fit better and give me more comfort and …
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Graham Bell phone instructions (to his parents) go for $92,000 – Los Angeles Times

Bell wrote a seven-page letter in 1878 attempting to explain to his parents precisely how to use his new invention. That letter sold for more than $ 92,000 in a New Hampshire auction this week. The instructions, complete with elaborate drawings …
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The Man Who Inspired Jobs (Christopher Bonanos/New York Times)

Christopher Bonanos / New York Times:
The Man Who Inspired Jobs  —  IN the memorials to Steven P. Jobs this week, Apple’s co-founder was compared with the world’s great inventor-entrepreneurs: Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell.  Yet virtually none of the obituaries mentioned the man Jobs himself considered his hero …

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