The Time Machine by Butterfly Rainbow – story – The Guardian

said Professor Omkar. “Ram, bring me the hammer!” “Okay, sir.” Ram, as afraid as a mouse, carried on helping Professor Omkar with his all-new invention. It was a bright summer’s morning in Mohenjo- Daro. The temperature was above 30 degrees …
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Once Upon a Time, the Color Blue Was Permissable for Baby Girls – Jezebel

I’ve been eagerly anticipating getting my hands on a copy. It was from Paoletti that I learned that the idea that pink was a feminine and blue a masculine color was a relatively new invention in American history (one that even now does not necessarily …
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Award-Winning Heart Valve Invention Takes Less Time, Less Expense, Less Trauma – Newswise

Newswise — Heart patients may experience “a lot less” trauma with a new invention to mend leaky valves with minimum cutting, says inventor James Gammie, MD, an associate professor at the University of Maryland (UM) School of Medicine. Gammie is the …
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