The Maker of This Invention Kit Wants You to See the World as Your Playground

Growing up means learning how the world works. You learn things like what it means to study and do well in school, how to cook for yourself, how to nail a “business casual” dress code and what it takes to land a steady job. If entrepreneur Jay Silver …
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This Smart Gun Could Be the Colt .45 of the Future

The above Terminator-like weapon is Colt’s latest, greatest invention. Developed with Defense Research and Development Canada, (our northern neighbors’ version of DARPA) this is the smart gun Canada wants to fight the wars of the future. And it’s hard to …
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Ever Seen A Christmas Card More Mind-Blowing Than This? [Video]

The art of the Christmas card may have severely diminished since the invention of e-mail, but even the most environmentally conscious of grinches couldn’t say that this inventive card is a waste of paper. This crazy Christmas card could get just about …
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This brain hat helps the paralyzed make music

His latest invention is the brain computer music interface (BCMI) which allows people to create music using just their eyes. How it works By connecting electrodes to the back of the head, the system can tell where you’re looking by monitoring brain activity.
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Mother of all invention- this will change the world — Salute the Chennai girl – must watch[RED PIX]

Mother of all invention- this will change the world — Salute the Chennai girl — must watch [RED PIX]

Chitra Thiyagarajan developed a device and technology that converts plastic waste into a fuel similar to diesel and LPG Gas. After a series of tests in a sustained three-year effort, Thiyagarajan finally perfected the device and applied for a patent

She call it as ‘pyro-plant’ , according her all plastics except PET bottles are put in a chamber and heated in the absence of oxygen over chromium micro band heaters to temperatures of between 350oC and 375oC. The gas generated passes into another chamber with a water coolant coils on two sides. It is then pumped into another compartment half-filled with water. The fuel floats on the surface. Non-soluble gas that passes into a condenser can be used as an LPG alternative.

This year’s most outrageous culinary inventions so far – Fox News

Fox News

This year's most outrageous culinary inventions so far
Fox News
Every year, dozens of new inventions emerge that aim to make our lives a little easier in the kitchen or at a restaurant. Here are some that we've noticed so far this year, from the potentially revolutionary to the completely absurd.

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