How the Invention of Scotch Tape Led to a Revolution in How Companies Managed Employees

Richard Drew never wanted an office job. Yet the banjo-playing college dropout, born 120 years ago this Saturday, would go on to spend some four decades working at one of America’s largest …
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Mayka Toy Block Tape – Coolest Invention Ever! | New Toys for Kids | Official TV Commercial

Turn virtually any surface into a base for toy building blocks and create your own 3D world! Build upside down, sideways, or around corners with Mayka – the original Toy Block Tape. Simply cut, shape, and stick your tape to start creating. Mayka is …
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Nimuno Loops aka Lego tape might be 2017’s best invention

You know what’s cooler than toy blocks? Toy blocks that stick to walls. Nimuno Loops is ‘Lego-compatible tape’ that bends or sticks to any surface. (Photo: Nimuno Loops) In what might be the greatest invention of 2017, a pair of designers has createdNimuno …
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