No-one can escape The GRAPPLER! Arizona man reveals ingenious James Bond-style invention to help police safely stop speeding cars

It looks like something out of a James Bond movie and sounds like a professional wrestler, but The Grappler is a new invention that could save innocent lives during high-speed police chases. Created by Leonard Stock of Arizona, it allows cops to remotely …
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The invention that stop girls missing school every month

In Malawi a packet of sanitary towels can cost a whole day’s pay, and girls often miss school because the cotton strips they use instead are inadequate. Charlotte Ashton met a woman in Blantyre who’s come up with a solution. It’s a 14-year-old girl’s worst …
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Invention could stop “fish fraud”

Scientists at the University of South Florida have created new technology to help ensure that the fish you buy is the real deal. Their invention is a handheld sensor that makes sure the fish matches the label. Studies show anywhere from 30 to 50 percent of …
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Can a wave of new inventions stop school shootings? – Washington Post

Can a wave of new inventions stop school shootings?
Washington Post
Now, Edwards – whose only previous inventions involved devising lesson plans — was discussing her device with evangelical fervor during a free period late last week at Dacula Middle School. About the same time, hundreds of miles away in Maryville, …

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Kodak to stop making cameras – The Guardian

But the company decided not to bring its new invention to market because of fears it would cannibalise its – at the time very profitable – business selling chemicals for traditional film developing. When it finally got round to making mass …
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